Video has become an essential tool to present your artistry, business or product to the world. At Open Valve Studios, we offer creative commercial cinema solutions crafted to maximize your exposure. Promotional/commercial videos and visual social media campaigns are our specialty.

The rise of social media has caused businesses to approach their branding and marketing strategies in a new way, and video now plays a major role in connecting with followers and both loyal and potential customers. The desire to spread pristine quality is in the midst  of making a comeback as well, and we're here to help you with innovative social media video solutions that are sure to impress your customers.

Take a look at some of our social media campaign videos and let us know how we can assist you from start to finish through concept, production and post-production on the road to a unique visual product.



Our digital cinema production services include producing and directing, cinematography, editing and color correction. We are available to jump on board of your project no matter how far along it is, or we're happy to assist you in planning an entire production from start to finish.

We stay on top of the latest digital technology, utilizing RED Digital Cinema hardware (8K), DSLRs and 4K drones, and working with complex post-production workflows. Our credits include distributed feature films, documentaries and award-winning short films.

We are professionally educated and trained filmmakers who respect the rules of the art even though we're never afraid to break them in our quest to create powerful, cinematic stories audiences around the world can relate to.




Cinema has emerged as a powerful tool to turn special occasions into timeless visual memories. We use artistic cinematography to capture your event in a bold way, and we have extensive experience covering a large variety of events, including weddings, high-end parties and corporate events. That's why we don't call ourselves videographers. 

You are the star or your event, and you deserve no less than to be treated like one. A cinematic event of a special moment in your life or career should be timeless and beautiful, which is why we make it our priority to tell your story in an organic way with the highest possible emotional impact.




Everyone has access to devices capable of recording solid video these days, but equipment doesn't equal quality. What ultimately makes a successful project is a harmonious merger between passion and experience - a process that requires patience and attention to detail. Lots of it.

That's exactly what we're about. We specialize in a variety of digital film production services, and our team of filmmakers has gathered valuable experience to assure efficient production from start to finish. Most importantly, prime customer service and utmost quality is what we strive for on a daily basis.

What really makes us different is our commitment to customize our services specifically to your requirements and needs. We don't have set packages you would have to pick from. We build a package for you, and only you.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your project/campaign needs. Our diverse portfolio stretches from innovative branded content to fiction and documentary short films and features, and high-end event cinema. 

Join us on our mission to make quality great again...